I am Ross Fisher.
Fluent in most things Tech.

Built my first water-cooled computer at 13, always got off the internet so you could use the phone. I've worked at Apple, developed some wildly popular Video Game modifications, built tons of websites, developed software, installed Cisco networks and POS. I like building cars and riding motorbikes. I'm just your all around Geek and I'm proud of it!

My Skillsets.

Software Development

Python, NodeJS, MeteorJS, MongoDB and two scoops of Django please! This is currently my core focus.

Customer Support

My customers love me! I really know empathy and how to personalize interactions.

Web Development

I know my way around HTML/CSS/Javascript and used to work at WPML/Toolset

IT Contracting and Consulting

Datacenter work, POS Deployments, Break/Fix, Networking, Cisco Support Engineering

Work history

From Cisco support engineering to customer service roles at Apple, I've done a little bit of everything. For the last several years, my focus has shifted to Software Development.

All Work History
Years Old

Happy Clients

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