Lover’s spit

I haven’t spent the night here for a few months now until last night. I came into town yesterday. Tia moved to Lafayette just the other night, I stopped by and unloaded some things that I no longer needed, had pizza. I finished out the night by taking Elaine out for Ice Cream to celebrate graduating with her Doctorate.

I suppose I’ll say goodbye to Alyssa while I’m here as well, but only by ceremoniously disposing of further items I continue to run across of hers in this townhome.

Stained mattress pad with film strip negative

There was once a king who would sleep on his bathroom floor once a month to stay humble. Enough time and mental space has passed for this place to feel alien, but it is still emotionally difficult to be here. Thankfully I was tired enough to fall right asleep.

I would have laughed my ass off if you told me that I’d become a minimalist, move into an RV, and live on the road just a few short months ago. I would have likely looked at you with scorn if you told me I’d start living my life for my own goals and dreams.

Am I happy? Yeah, I’ve been happy. Do you ever do something really challenging then feel accomplished, fulfilled afterwards? That’s my life almost everyday. I’m growing leaps and bounds and while sometimes exhausting, it feels incredible.

Dreams don’t come true. Decisions do.

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