Portland! And camera stuff, apparently

It’s official. Our flights are booked to Portland to leave in a short while. It’ll be the first time I’ve been on the West Coast since I was in California as a teenager.

I’m looking forward to the rolling hills, mountains, liberal peeps and I’m sure Manda will quite enjoy the widespread Vegan fare, seeing the ocean for the first time.

I think that I’m ready to give flying a shot again. If the recent party of being med free with Anxiety, Agoraphobia is a benchmark (rolling around onto two months now), I have the suspicion that I should fare just fine. For everything else, there’s Xanax.

It may be the first time that I stay at an Airbnb. I’m not quite sure what to expect, but I have an open mind.

I’ve been getting more into photography recently. I have a growing understanding of aperture, ISO, shutter speed, focal lengths, crop factor, framing, composure, lighting, ND/Polarizers, bla bla bla bla. It’s one thing to be a gear whore, another to actually build experience.

I keep trying to convince myself that a 24MP APS-C with dual pixel autofocus is good enough for my skill level. A full frame Sony A7III has a backlit sensor, EyeAF, 10FPS burst & sweet sexy 4k video with SLOG3. The fucking lenses are around $2k each, with fast primes going for $899! One can pick up a used Canon L lens for more than half the price.

My current setup is a Canon Rebel T7i with a fast f1.4 50mm for portraits/night and a Tamron 18-400 superzoom for daylight photography. ISO is usable up to 12k.

Another reason for wanting to go mirrorless is handheld shooting with Arsenal, the machine learning, magical ISO, Aperture, Shutter speed, timelapse, photo stacking, kills artistic expression, end of creative photography monster that will be coming out.

People complain about each innovation in the artistic space. “Oh, noes! Rangefinder cameras will kill the art form!”. Meh, I don’t care as much – I’m a technical shooter and enjoy the technological aspect of it. Fucking around with the deep learning AI sounds complex enough to keep me entertained after I memorize things like what shutter speed works for x situation.

But one thing that I don’t like is Canon intentionally gutting video features from their “lower end” products to ensure continued sales of their cinematic line. The marketplace is finally changing with companies such as Sony and Panasonic releasing featured 4k “DSLRs”, it makes me wonder if I should hold out and see how Canon responds with their mirrorless lineup (cheaper glass, yo).

But then I have to ask myself, is it even worth it? This is a hobby for me, one that I enjoy, but I’d never make money with it. The 14MP sensor in the iPhone is more than adequate for Instagram, Social Media, plus it fits in your damn pocket.

With Apps like focos, you can expose the depth data from the dual camera iPhone to refocus in post?! I guess it comes down to low light performance (small sensors = smaller pixels = shittier low light performance) and glass options.

It boils down to what one needs, versus what one wants. Is lugging around a device that I can’t stuff in a pocket going to be a help or a hindrance to my travel experiences? Is the novelty as a hobby enough to justify the investment?

I haven’t the slightest of an idea and I shouldn’t make any decisions until I do.

In other news, being sick fucking sucks. The distraction of writing is helping pass the time, yo.

Look at that fake ass fog effect that I was too heavy handed with while messing around in LensEffects.

Inner, mid, outer ear infection, sore throat, runny nose, yellow mucus. Yum. Delicious. I’m half deaf and can’t really talk. You would be surprised at how much I’m complaining and moping around in misery (I’m not). Whenever I feel like crying or becoming a mess, I remember that life is beautiful and this pain is a gift to experience, as the alternative is being dead, in the ground, incapable of anything. Ha! Or like, its humbling to be sick because you are more grateful when you aren’t. Sometimes you need your ass kicked to put things into perspective? Woo, positivity. Optimism.

Or, I suppose that forcing myself to get shit done, like putting together nightstands, running to the store, whatever makes me more prickly and less filtered with my words. Whatevs. WHATEVER. I reject your reality and substitute it with cheezepufs.

Oh dude, last thing. Remember that 3D Printer that I kickstarted like a year ago, that was supposed to be my first 3D Printer, but I consumerist’d out and tried to buy shit to fulfill personal happiness, for a lack of self love; so I ended up going into debt and buying three? Then I bought three more from the same kickstarter, then traded in those three in credit for one big ass machine?

Yeah. That is coming on Thursday. Its massive with an almost 400x400x400 build surface, is fully enclosed, has dual mixing material support, has an ARM processor, is a CoreXY, and so on.

I’ve been without a 3D Printer ever since I brainfarted in December and sold off my Taz 6 to buy a vacation that I didn’t say more than 24 hours at, brilliant. I’ve been craving designing and printing things like a fat kid wants to break into Dairy Queen at 3am.

Oh noes! Doesn’t that mean that you are copious consuming again, Ross? Fuck no. I still need to like, go through my clothing and the remainder of the stuff that’s been moved here when we moved in to get rid of even more stuff, but overall – I don’t need this printer to be happy.

Instead, it’s a mindful decision to seek out things that bring true joy and push out the rest. It also has utility, by being able to manafacture my own goods right here in the good ole USA, in my garage, whenever I want for base material and time cost.

Things like Donald Trump buttplugs, apparently.

P.S. Cats are sometimes douchebags.