Gratitudes = 8-10-18

Amanda has a funny way about her. She often writes gratitude lists, often on a daily basis to help ground and balance herself. Today has been a pretty shitshow of a day at work, so here’s my crack at it:

  • I’m grateful for my daughter, Lola. While being a parent can be difficult (especially in a divorce situation), there are moments that cannot be traded for anything. She has so much light in her.
  • I’m grateful for my partner, Amanda. As I continue to discover the depths of her personality, I’m learning the ways we are different, and the ways we are the same. We both seem to have savior complexes and tend to see the best in people. I can only hope that we’ll continue inspiring each other to become the best people that we can be.
  • I’m grateful that I’m no longer majorly ill. Even my hearing has eventually returned. Sometimes you really need to be sick to stay humble.
  • I’m grateful for the passage of time and the ability to forget. I’m still not where I want to be with setting the recent past to rest, but I have healed greatly thus far and have become a better person and partner.
  • I’m grateful to have a fulfilling role in a company that I enjoy. Some days can certainly be more stressful than others, but I’m doing what I love – solving issues and making people’s days.
  • I’m very grateful that anxiety an agoraphobia have been mute for many months now. I’ve been off all medications for some time now and I’m feeling much better in general. Nothing is holding me back now from doing anything I’d like to do, and I’m very excited about our Vacation in Portland coming up.

That’s all for now!