Vulnerability is a tornado

“I had a friend tell me that vulnerability to them was the feeling of not knowing whether your nightmare is materializing in front of your eyes or if it is the sun rising to save you. This seems to be a pretty common theme with people. Vulnerability is scary. You can’t hide in vulnerability; you cannot cover up with it and pretend not to exist. There is no such thing as Vulnerability & Chill. Vulnerability is not light or easy. Vulnerability is not the neighbor stopping by with mis-delivered mail or casserole dishes. It does not like to knock politely and wait to be invited in. Vulnerability is a tornado. It is fierce, unexpected, and likely to knock you off your feet.

To me, vulnerability is the reason I am still here. Vulnerability is what makes my life important and worthwhile. It is what makes me feel alive. I want vulnerability in my daily tasks. I want vulnerability to be #1 on my to do list. I want vulnerability in every conversation. I want the rawness that comes with being open to be ever present. Vulnerability is one of the few things that is always worth my time. It is what makes poetry, poetry. It is responsible for your voice shaking when you are getting really honest. It is a release, a realness, an awakening, or a burden finally lifted.”