Portland: Day 1 – Flight, Weed, and Vegan BBQ


As it often has been, stress and anxiety cumulated leading up to the day we were to leave. I actually tried a Xanax two days before the flight; the first time in three years since I’ve been prescribed the drug that I actually took it.

Sidenote: If you are ever prescribed Xanax for anxiety, don’t be afraid to try it (easier said than done). The 0.25mg dose did nothing more than make me feel a little stoned, yet very relaxed. You may actually really like it, but still; be careful, the shit is rather habit forming and may hurt over the long run if used often.

I spent that evening on Cloud 9, watching flash mobs and street performers on YouTube. It’s good to know that I have a silver bullet now, but it would have been more useful back when I suffered more.

The flight

Actually rather tolerable, if not enjoyable. The experience was nothing like the previous ones to/from Flordia. There was some faff about seat assignments as Delta went and fucked that process up as of late, but thankfully, we were able to sit together.

Salt Lake City; terrain.
Blood red lake in Utah

Once I’m in the air, I’m fine, docile even. The sensations of takeoff are the challenging parts for me, the same reason why I don’t enjoy roller coasters in my adult life; the motion and feeling as if my stomach is a bowling ball suspended by a rope, being swung about.

Note to self: Go ziplining more. The sensation is able to be normalized with more exposure.

In headrest infotainment system on Delta

Delta’s flight experience is nice. The equipment is a newer feeling, less used. Each seat is a rich red pleather and there’s enough room to exist. Southwest feels like the most terrible airline I’ve experienced in terms of comfort and quality, while American Airlines is somewhere in the middle. We watched Black Panther on the way and I was surprised that they had Deadpool 2 available; all included.

Amanda is pretty awesome to travel with. She can be a tad higher stressed in the airport, but she’s kind and focused. She handles herself well, plenty of touch and kisses before, during, and after the flight.

On the ground


Picked up a car, was upgraded to a sweet loaded VW Passat (the heated seats came in use this morning, a chill 54F) and made a beeline to a Vegan BBQ place. BBQ Ribs, mac n cheese, triple decker cheeseburger; it was awesome and I’d eat it anyday.

Checked out a store called Therapy, got a feel for the liberal vibe here.

Oh, and Pot. There is Marijuana here everywhere. I could walk in, spend $5, go to Starbucks, stand outside and get high as a kite and no one would bat an eye. Being from Indiana, one of the more hardcore anti-pot states (along with the private prisons to keep lobbying for that); it feels very strange.

We checked into our AirBNB; a small RV trailer. It’s quirky and weird as fuck. I love it. There’s a three hour time difference here, which you’d think isn’t that strange, but we ended up going to sleep at 4PM (7PM EST) to awake at 2AM (5AM EST). We then like slept from 3AM to 6AM and I still feel like I could spend a day napping (they must pump it in the air here).

I’m sitting here in Starbucks, after having some Vegan doughnuts for breakfast writing. We will be checking out some parks (one of which you can see four mountians from), and meeting Amanda’s friend Audrey from Vancouver.

As for Anxiety? Nope. Pretty much mute. No meds, didn’t take Xanax since trying it out last week. A few short years ago I couldn’t drive down the block to the store alone; now I’m flying across the gosh damn country. I love it.