Ode to Luke

I’ve never been a fan of small dogs. I found them yappy, somewhat duncey. I grew up with medium to large breeds, Lab, Rottweiler, German Shepard. My thoughts on society being afraid of larger dogs, ones that can protect the family to be skewed and furthers the idea of needing to save people from themselves; instead of people taking responsibility.

Every morning.

I find myself loving this little guy. When I first met him, he had been on Prozac for quite some time. He’d often shake and experience anxiety; he would need to continually be held when he was off his medication.

I’ve worked to build a relationship with him of caretaking, yet I’ve been firm when his behavior has been less than manageable. We don’t jump on people when coming back in from outside. We don’t pull on the leash when going for walks.

And the cats. What a jealous little wiener. He’s made to get off the bed, sometimes ejected from the bedroom when he’s rude and nips at them to chase them off the bed. Affection is important to share with all of our animals, and he’s gotten better at it.

Some of our first experiences together were the days spent while Amanda left for work when I lived in Southport. I treated his anxiety with walks, I spoke to him often and took him on car rides. We quickly bonded.

When I moved the RV to Greenfield, Luke quickly adjusted. He loved the vast open fields.

And then Amanda and I moved in together in July. Luke couldn’t have been happier. His favorite people, all in one place. Luke and I cuddle almost every night, I rub his ears until he goes to sleep, which is funny because I usually touch Amanda’s back until she falls asleep.

He’s been off his medication for a few months now, just as I have for quite some time. I find our growth to be healing. He’s getting better at walking with me off a leash, and he loves our car rides which I take him on often.

I may still dislike small dogs, but you can count on me loving this one.

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