Re: Require Buses To Board Without Children Crossing The Street – how about not

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I remember two years ago walking outside and wondering why the air was smoky outside my windows. A semi carrying cooking oil was barreling down a 30MPH construction zone via I-65’s on-ramp. The driver wasn’t paying attention and slammed into an SUV carrying a wife and her two young children.

As the cooking oil the truck was carrying ignited, it cooked the woman, the children, and the semi driver alive.

My point is, schools are never going to do this as often, public schools can’t even afford to feed the kids in need, or pay their teachers a living wage as it is. Until we get to the root of the issue, people generally being careless and only being concerned with themselves; there’s nothing stopping a semi driver carrying cooking oil from slamming into a bus because their cell phone was more important to them at the moment.

There’s a real lacking in society of people caring, or taking responsibility for their actions and ideally, it shouldn’t matter if kids have to cross a road or not, because people should have their heads out of their asses enough to do something as simple as driving a car.

If we want to be signing petitions to feel better about ourselves, maybe it should be a better solution, such as expanded self-driving car testing; because clearly, humans aren’t cut out for the responsibility of driving.

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