Birthday plans settled: Backpacking

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I love the driverless pickup truck as a metaphor for faith in the unseen. Every one of the characters looks at the empty cabin disbelief at first, then takes a leap of faith into the back, seeming to say “don’t know where this is going, but ANYWHERE is better than here”. Because they are all lost in one way or another, and it becomes understood throughout the journey that with a little faith, it will take them where they are supposed to be. they also learn that the journey is the whole point, not where they will end up.

Imagine being able to keep a backpack in the trunk of your car, at any time you could say fuck this and travel anywhere on a moments notice for close to nothing. Let’s break this down.

44MPG Highway = 400~ miles on a $30 tank of gas

$0-10/night with campgrounds, forests all over the USA. Most with showers, rec rooms, electricity, potable water, community, etc

Food = taken with you or ate out depending on budget

Granted, you may have to worry about bears, weather and other wildlife, but I think this adds even more excitement and reward. Imagine the stories that could be told about the bear that came into camp because you didn’t know well enough to clean up your food.

There’s a certain level of taking responsibility for your actions out on the trail, some of which can have life or death consequences. Yet, there is also a certain type of feeling knowing that you can take care of yourself and maybe look after others, too. I think it can help filter out some of the bullshit in life and help you realize what the important things are.

On a lighter note, laying inside the tent with the cover removed leads to a 360-degree view of the sky. I’m melting considering that Amanda and I could be snuggled up in our couple’s sleeping bag, staring up at the stars as we drift off to sleep. I couldn’t imagine what it’d be like pitching on a beach, or deep inside a forest with no one around for miles.

I don’t have else much to say other than we both feel rather warm and excited to be embarking, yet again, on an adventure, with dream that we both share.


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