Working from home has benefits, and challenges. Every day around 1pm, all of the pets end up napping. Some snore, some try to climb into my lap to sleep. The cooler Fall weather and darker days don’t seem to help with my energy level either. It’s all too easy to end up napping around lunchtime.

Our mess set arrived yesterday. It’s time to start loading the car in preparation for our camping trip.

I repaired the Roomba, yet again. This time the brass bushing torqued and deformed the plastic gearbox cover, leading to a failure to chooch. I disassembled the reduction set and gave it a good cleaning with my gun cleaner, oiled everything up. I reset the brass bushing with superglue and zip-tied the motor housing to the assembly, relieving strain from the bushing.

There’s so much pet hair on our wooden floors that the Roomba always has a hard time. It’s an older model (530) with a bristle brush, which isn’t the best for this use case. I received this Roomba for free and I couldn’t justify the cost of a newer unit.

I took a picture of this fruit. Did you know that Pineapples used to be this prized thing that people would pay big money just to rent for display in their houses for a day? It’s all very interesting and speaks much to consumerism. I bought this pineapple for $1.50 and I can EAT IT.

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