Some of my custom cases for Eon (OnePlus 3t)

First post on the new blog! It feels good to be back at it again. I’m going to go ahead and stick these in a Category called OpenPilot.

These designs are for the OnePlus 3t. I’m unsure if they would fit a LeEco, however my LeEco arrives today (and I’ll be designing cases for it).

First off, we have what I call ZorroCase Minimal. It’s a clamp of sorts that fits into a $9 car mount. The goal here was to come up with an alternate way of mounting Eon that couldn’t fall off my windscreen.

Mounted to Prius Prime
Design Detail

You can download the sources files here:

Next up is a case I call ZorroCase Naked. It’s a clip based on the FrEon 24 degree mount back when the repo was labeled “Open Source”.

This mount directly attaches to the heatsink and then to a GoPro mount. This means that you’ll need to affix your heatsink using thermal adhesive or some other method, as the heatsink becomes a part of the phone’s structure.

This design has been created with a built in tolerance of 0.3mm, and a further tolerance to be printed in PLA and annealed (which causes some contraction). I baked this print (that I printed out of clear PLA) into the oven at 200F for 30 minutes to heat treat it (greatly increasing its heat resistance) and fits perfectly. YMMV.

You can download this case here:

These cases were created out of a desire to reduce complexity and print time. The OpenFrEon, for example, has about a 12 hour print time, which is brutal when you need to print several to find tolerances when annealing.

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