Hey there, I’m Ross Fisher! I’m Indiana born and raised. I’m the oldest of five siblings.
I had my first Anxiety Attack when I was 16 after a two day long LAN party due to copious amounts of caffeine and energy drinks. Years past and I was pretty much homebound for most of my life. I remember one summer my anxiety was so bad, I couldn’t eat solid food as I feared I’d choke. Three years ago, I couldn’t make it a block away to the store without having to turn around due to sheer panic.
Eventually, the pain of remaining the same outweighed the pain of change. I started to willfully expose myself to uncomfortable situations, pushing myself each time just a little further. Road trips alone, long rides on the Vespa, uncomfortable social situations, flights, and travel.
It has ranged from absolutely terrifying to an extreme sense of accomplishment. There is, however, one constant that I’ve learned. There is no growth without discomfort.
My catalyst for change into this new adventure of full-time travel was inspired by a string of failed relationships and copious purchases of stuff, in which I tried to fill this hole in myself. The more I went into debt, the more I lost myself in other people, the unhappier I became. I ended up changing who I was to feel like I finally fit in with others.
I reached critical mass, sold most of everything I owned, traded the vehicle I built for my ex-girlfriend for a bus and bought an RV. I now live, work and travel on the road with my cat Bottlecap. I look forward to falling asleep to sounds of the ocean, meeting fellow travelers and feeling accomplished by overcoming challenges that come my way.