Stop using Beta products and services in production!

It’s a common story. A customer preorders a product, buys an early access game, launches a Beta PaaS instance; then something goes wrong and they flip the fuck out.

Dude, what were you expecting?

I’m frustrated that the 3D Printer I’ve been waiting over a year for since Kickstarter arrived seriously damaged, but the company made it very clear that these first few thousand units are pre-release units and improvements will roll out over time.

Improvements like proper shipping materials, instead of having a large structure up against the surrounding cardboard box which leads to easy warping of the frame if slightly dropped.

I logged into their support chat to see if anyone else has been having the issues. Instead, I’m greeted with someone who apparently ordered tens of thousands dollars worth of these units for their business and they are having a nuclear meltdown over shipping priority and needing to wait for a unit they shipped back to be tested before receiving a replacement.

Stop using Beta products and services in production!

This is a $3,000 MSRP printer that I snagged a year ago for $400 because of the wonderful economy (and risk) of Kickstarter. Not only should you expect issues with clearly labeled pre-release products and services, but the first generation of just about any product will have issues.

So yeah, I’m bummed out that I never got to use the rather massive printer that I’ve been waiting for and it’ll need to go back for a replacement, but this is what I signed up for. /dealwithit