Success & Nashville RV trip, Wedding stuff

The folding mattress came, it’s perfect!

Room for two, heated blanket. Power inverter for charging laptops. I put on the Vent Shades for cracking the windows rain free to manage humidity.

I have electrical to do but will likely install the low voltage disconnect on the RV’s house battery first, then get another for the Focus.

We are heading to Nashville in the RV come Spring! A weekend with fuel costs actually ended up being cheaper, $350 vs $600 as hotels are expensive.

We also figured out our wedding stuff. We shall elope and head to the Grand Canyon in the RV, hire a photographer, and come back for a reception party with friends and fam.

Premium campsites are $400 for a week, shitty hotels start at $1000/week.

It all comes down to fuel cost! The longer you stay, the better fuel becomes less of a factor. Considering you take your food with you instead of eating out, it’ll balance out quickly.

Until next time.

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