#RVlyfe… 2019

I find myself gazing softy out of my RV’s dinette window. There’s snow on the ground, it’s cold. Anything outside is harder and takes twice as long. My body hurts, it’ll hurt when I turn in for the night. Sleep comes quickly.

March 15th, 2018. I bring my RV home from Ohio.

I miss that stupid bus.

Feb 2nd, 2019. Time with my Fiancé and daughter on the farm.

Summer comes and goes, but Winter. Winter always seems to drag on.

I spent a solid day and a half preparing the RV for travel. A few months ago, I ended up accidentally flooding the RV, much water went into the furnace ducts. Two hours was spent on the cold, snowy ground under the rig, unfreezing a vent duct for the furnace.

One of the stabilizing jacks were frozen into the ground. Time with a blowtorch and some inventive simple machine fulcrum usage set it free.

Apart from putting the dinette table back in, I turned my attention to the 30lb Propane tanks. They needed filed. I took them off the rig and headed to the truck stop. The attendant reported that they had an issue with a valve due to, “extreme low temperatures”, the very reason why I needed the propane in the first place. Good jorb.

A trip to Lowe’s and some threaded rod later, I installed my new 15lb propane tanks. Now when a tank runs out, I run to any gas station in the country and swap the fecker out for $15-20. More expensive then refills, surely. Less anxiety due to wide availability of propane, yes. Not having to drag the rig to the few refill locations available, absolutely.

There’s something that I love about doing work in the real world once I get into it. I’ll put my headphones on, take some Tylenol to make my knee stop hurting, and get my 15,000 steps in. By that night, my body radiates a gentle pain, but the feeling is of accomplishment.

We’ll have a generator here soon which will open the possibilities to boon docking. Load up water, gasoline, head out without a temporary reliance on anyone or anything. State and national forests open to us, breathtaking scenery.

I love the challenge, I live for it.