I’ve waited two years for this: Readily available LiDAR 3D Scanning 💥 (with MaslowCNC)

I’ve waited two years for this: Readily available LiDAR 3D Scanning 💥 (with MaslowCNC)

I had grand plans to build a #vanlife bus once. The biggest issue that I kept running into was the irregularly shaped space. It was beyond me to measure and model the curved surfaces so that I could cut panels for the interior.

I tried making things a little less complex by squaring the space, but I always lost livable space, precious inches in an already small space.

The bed was supposed to be up top, a “loft” design that winched to the ceiling to put away when not in use.

Then BAM! Two technologies became affordable for the at-home maker.

  1. MaslowCNC. A $599 kit to CNC cut full sheets of wooden panels
It’s a “3D Printer” for wood. Load a design, press “print” and PRESTO! Furniture, whatever.

2. 2020 iPad Pro with LiDAR Scanner

This. Is. Revolutionary. And I’ll explain why.

Imagine just being able to scan the interior of the bus and pop out a dimensionally accurate 3D model? From there, you can fully design the interior space in CAD, pop out the models you need to cut with MaslowCNC, press cut, and throw it together!

You can design custom fit furniture and panels, down to centimeter accuracy, to perfectly fit the curvature of any space, and rapidly manufacture millimeter accurate wooden products. Combine this with 3D Printing and the possibilities are endless.

Better yet, with ARKit on iPad, iPhone, one can load up designs on their devices, point it inside their bus, tiny home, whatever, and have the design, in real time, modeled into the space.

So, business idea. What if I got an iPad, rented or test drove some vans, scanned the interiors, and for the lulz, spent time designing custom interiors for #vanlifers and sold the designs, cut the panels to ship?

I mean, why not?

I also REALLY WANT TO make as much furniture as I can at home on a MaslowCNC when I move into my own space. The designs are already out there, just need to hit “print”.